We have changed our service delivery so we can support more people, more efficiently.

Current process for appointments at our centre:
Mornings 9.30am - 12.30pm (last morning appointment 11.30am)
You can ring or visit to pre book a 1hr morning appointment (most issues are resolved within this time)  Monday - Friday.
Afternoons 1.30pm - 4.30pm (last afternoon appointment 3.30pm)
These appointment slots will only be given out on the day when someone presents with an urgent or crisis situation.                       This will mean that people can still be seen on the same day they need our help.

Freephone Number: 0808 196 3144
Office phone number: 01325 254463

COVID -19 (Coronavirus) *updated 14/06/2021*

NEW UPDATE: Services of First Stop Darlington as we go forward in a Covid world.


Author: Scott Evans

What We Do

Supporting local people to resolve their problems and move forward with positivity and encouragement since 1999.


Author: Scott Evans

Bike Stop

Bike Stop is our social enterprise and it provides a range of supported volunteering and work experience for those who are furthest from the jobs market. In particular those who have no work experience and may come from families with no work background or they may have a particular barrier that has kept them from succeeding. To do this work, we recycle donated bicycles and sell them to the local community to help support the cost of the training.



Find us

First Stop Darlington, 32 Houndgate, Darlington, DL1 5RH Tel : 01325 254463



Location: 32 Houndgate,, Darlington

Our impact 2018-19

“ Thank you First Stop for everything, an amazing service, very kind,
understanding and caring”

“Don’t know what I would have done if First Stop hadn’t sorted out my

benefits, I was so close to giving up”

“An amazing valuable service with kind, caring staff”

“Wish I had known about you sooner, I could have saved myself so much worry”

“I come here because you get treated like a normal person”

“It’s a great place here, nothing is too much trouble” 

“This service is my lifeline, the staff are brilliant. A lot of people in
Darlington depend on First Stop and I hope they are still here in years to come”

530 Beneficiaries Supported
74% Male 26% Female
3981 visits to the centre to address issues


Finding a home & Eviction Prevention
89 Homeless Preventions
19 Found own accommodation
34 Supported accommodation referrals
28 Temporary solutions due to chaotic behaviour
16 Remained homeless


Beneficiaries with Benefit issues
847 sessions
613 issues resolved
34 queries on-going
0 beneficiaries failed to complete


Pre Employment
97 improved their overall basic skills
89 improved their CV's and job application skills
83 referred to various employment agencies with job vacancies
12 direct into employment

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